Cool Cell Phone Wrist Watches: Future of Smartphone

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Cell phone wrist watches are nothing new, they have been the market for a while, but they are becoming popular these days and strangely so, as they were not very popular when they were first out in the market. There are many reasons behind this, which I have discussed ahead, in this article. “Cell phone wrist watches future of mobility” is a true statement, let us find out why.

What exactly is a cell phone wrist watch?

A Cell phone wrist watch is basically a combination between a cell phone and a wrist watch. So you strap it onto your wrist and you will be able to communicate using the device as it is a cell phone as well. Cool, isn’t it?! There are many cell phone wrist watches that are available in the market. Here is a list of the best ones and the features that they pack.

CECT ED910 Quad Band GSM Bluetooth Watch Mobile Phone

This is one of the hottest selling cell phone wrist watches that are available in the market. This watch has a chunky metallic design and that gives it a very official look. The cell phone wrist watch comes with features galore that make it a hot selling product in the markets. The main features of this cell phone wrist watch are, a 1.6 inch TFT touchscreen display, an HD camera, that even some of the best smartphones lack. This device is a quad band handset that works great on the GSM network.

New Mycus F6 Music Watch Phone Bluetooth Touch Screen

This watch has a snazzy design and thus it is a cool choice for students and adults alike. It is a quad band handset that has the dual SIM function as well. So you can insert both you SIMs in the watch. This is not all as the watch cum cell phone is loaded with other features. It packs an audio player that supports both MP3, MP4 and is capable of tuning into various radio stations as well. The watch has a touchscreen display, a recorder and a camera as well.

Desim Waterproof Touch Wrist watch phone

Here is yet another wrist watch cell phone that is sure to stun you. This cell phone wrist watch has all the features that most of its kind have, that is, it has a 1.5 inch touch screen display that has a screen resolution of 128 by 128 pixels. It is a quad band GSM phone, that also has an audio player that is compatible with both the MP3 and MP4 formats. It has the FM and the Bluetooth option, as well.

USP of the cell phone wrist watch

The Desim waterproof touchscreen wrist watch phone has JAVA support and can be used in any part of the world. Wewood and fossil are looking forward to include these kind of watches in their product range.

Special Mcu1ture Watch Phone

This is the one of the sportiest watch phones that I have come across. It looks snazzy and at the same time it does not feel very heavy on the hand. The watch phone is also loaded with features. It has the dual SIM functionality and also there is an audio player that supports the MP3 format. This watch comes in cool neon colours.

Thus I’m sure that you concur that cell phone wrist watches future of mobility is a fact and that the time is not far when people will choose this device over their handsets.

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