Samsung and HTC are preparing smartphones based on Tizen OS

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Tizen OS

If you are not familiar with the Tizen OS, know that this project started as soon as the engineers who worked on MeeGo were tasked to deal with this new platform. This operating system will use the full HTML5 technology and earlier this year we learned that Samsung actually united Bada with the Tizen platform, resulting in a common OS. The Tizen project incorporates most of the MeeGo’s source code, and those who had a chance to see a Nokia N9 are aware of the huge potential that this operating system holds. As you know, in the Tizen project are also involved those from Intel, Vodafone, Orange, Sprint and many others. Well, it seems that HTC will launch in the second half of this year a terminal with Tizen OS and Samsung will also provide such devices in the near future.

Tizen is mainly supported by Samsung and Intel who have joined their LiMo and MeeGo divisions to give birth to this project. Panasonic and NEC are two other big names who promised involvement in this initiative, and as a coincidence, all these Asian companies want to make a powerful entry in the European smartphone market. Acer and ASUS would also work on notebooks for emerging markets, all equipped with Tizen OS. If the project will result in quality products, then the third largest player after Android and IOS could be Tizen and not Windows Phone.

We must take into account that Samsung already has an in-house platform experience through Bada OS, which was sold through millions of mobile phones, resulting that Samsung had success with this OS. Another important factor is that Tizen supports running Android applications, just like the QNX OS and probably BlackBerry 10 OS, and that means Google’s OS will indirectly gain popularity through this new operating system. This new operating system is actually a hybrid between MeGoo, LiMo, Bada operating systems and with these giant companies behind it, the Tizen operating system seems to have potential.

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