HP to get back into tablet business

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If you remember, if your memory is not so weak, HP did have a tablet some time back, last year to be exact. The company announced that it will be making tablets at the time of the launch of the Palm Pre 3 smart phone. The company did come out with a tablet, the TouchPad. But we know the fate of the tablet and what happened with it. Tablets are meant to be of great use, offer great productivity. But HP’s Palm OS was not enough high on productivity to make people like it.

The company went on loss for all the money it had invested on the tablets. So, it came to bargain price and gave away the tablets at a very high discounted rate. These tablets mostly went into the hands of tinkeres and moders who mod these tablets to extract the maximum amount of productivity that they can. The main work that was going on on the tablet was the porting of Android over to the tablet which was running on HP’s Palm OS. There was some progress, but I do not know what is the status of the project at this moment.

Now, the company is ready to step into the tablet market again, but this time, with a different operating system to run on its tablets. In a brave move, the company has choosen Windows 8 as the lucky operating system which will be running on the new HP series of tablets. The hardware configuration of the tablets that will be coming out is not yet available. But we pretty much know what we can expect. The Microsoft’s Windows RT hardware requirements, we know what is coming.

Even then, there can a lot of other things that HP could include with that hardware, so there are a lot of things we do not know about. These things, if this news is true, are for sure set to unfold pretty soon. So stay tuned to know more.

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