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Facebook is becoming the part of everyone in this growing world. They make friends on Facebook and then chat with them. For showing the emotions they use smileys. There are less smileys in Facebook to use. Chat Code Maker will resolve that problem. In Facebook if we want to share an image with our friends, then we have to upload the image and then you have to tag the person whom you want to show that image or you can upload that image on that person’s wall.Now there is a good news for all of you. You can also share images through the chat box. This is also an exciting news by which you can send images like you send smileys to your friends. Chat Code Maker is the thing by which you can share image with friends through chat box. Chat Code maker helps us to convert the images into some code and you have to just copy that code and paste it on the chat box of your friend whom you are talking.

Steps Of Chat Code Maker:

1. Go to the link

2. Then you will saw the below image. The instructions are given in the image. Upload the pic and fill the re Captcha code and click the upload button.

3. Now it will take 5 to 10 seconds to convert it into the code.

4. Copy the code and paste in into the chat box.

So by this you can share any image with your friend through chat code maker. If you like this article and found it useful then please recommend it or share it on Facebook or Twitter. Any Suggestions and Tips would be very useful for making this website better. Please comment here if you’re facing any problem.

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