Top 10 Extensions for Google Chrome

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Google Chrome Extensions

A browser without extensions is inconceivable to most of us. But there are plenty of Internet users who have not heard of these and obviously have no idea how to use them. In short, extensions are some applications that are integrated in the browser and used to improve the navigation experience, the addition of various facilities or solving specific problems related Web pages.

Install the ones that are useful to you. Installing too many extensions makes browsing slow and loads the processor and computer memory.


AdBlock is certainly the most popular extensions for Chrome, and Firefox. With its help get rid of annoying ads on specific sites. But we can specify that certain pages / domains can not be blocked due to various reasons.

MP3 + YouTube Video Downloader

This is an official extension of YouTube, which fits into the YouTube page content site under the video, near the Embed button (Share). Thus, with a single click you can download videos and extract audio content. Available formats are MP3, MP4 360p, HD MP4, HD MP4 and FLV. However, some clips protected by copyright laws can’ t be downloaded.

Google Translate

Google Translate Extension allows rapid page translation, without access to the site. Just click on the tray icon on the browser and specify the language in which you want to translate the page.

Speed Dial

Speed Dial gives quick access to your favorite pages by customizing a new tab with the sites you specify. Sites are ordered clearly visible, in a flexible matrix. As an idea, this can be compared the eXtense list of favorite numbers from the phone, only that instead of people you call often, there are Web pages positioned.

Weather Window by WeatherBug

If you don’t know what’s the weather like outside in order for you to dress, whether is sunny, raining, snowing or its cloudy, your Weather Window is available with a suggestive image, along with many other details about the weather: Current temperature , minimum, maximum wind speed, humidity and the weather for the coming days.

Add This – Share & Bookmark

Do you like what you find on a site and want to share it with your social networking friends? Nothing more simple. Use the Add This extension that allows quick sharing on Facebook, Twitter, e-mail and attention, other more than 300 platforms! Sure, for better efficiency, we recommend placing the list of platforms that you use often, but not more than 10.

Personal Blocklist

Not to be confused with AdBlock, this extension, although still refers to a list of restrictions, aims to Websites that you consider offensive or which you simply do not want to access. The blocked sites will no longer appear in Google’s search engine when you are logged in your personal account.

Web Developer

This is a tool designed especially for programmers. As mentioned at the beginning, there are extensions that support web developers to detect bugs and errors on website.

Hover Zoom

Hover Zoom is a very interesting extension. With it, you surf the Internet and view pictures, you don’t need to click on them to see them in full size. Hoover zoom enlarges the images automatically when you position your cursor on them.


The “Clearly” extension is addressed especially to those who are reading long articles on the Internet. In order to make reading easy, this helps remove columns and auxiliary banners leaving the user only with the text and images in the article.

We mentioned only 10 of the thousands of extensions available for Google Chrome in Chrome Web Store. For these, they are of course alternatives, more successful or less successful. The fact is that updates occur frequently, so it’s almost impossible to make a precise tie between them.



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