Confederate X132 Hellcat Combat Concept Seeks Break Speed Record At Bonneville

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The Confederate X132 Hellcat Combat is currently a one of its kind custom bike that is based on the production Confederate X132 Hellcat, modified to take on the endless stretch of flat badlands of Bonneville, in an attempt to break the land speed record in the APF3000 class.

The X132 Hellcat Combat was designed and built by Confederate for a certain Mr. James Hoegh from Pennsylvania who has already tried his luck in attempting to break the land speed record. Last year, James Hoegh took his Confederate P120 Fighter to the salt flats, where he did two runs. In the first run he managed to do 159 mph but improved upon it in the second run by reaching 162.6 mph. This time he is returning with his purpose built X132 Hellcat Combat and will attempt to break the current land speed record in the APF3000 class of 168.912 mph, which was achieved last year by Wink Ellis. James Hoegh hopes to do 170 mph.

The Confederate X132 Hellcat Combat uses the same 132 cubic inch (2163cc) S&S XWedge engine used in the standard X132 Hellcat, which has been modified. The modifications include,

• Prototype dual track intake with twin 58mm throttle bodies

• Prototype 618 cams with custom length pushrods and tubes

• CNC ported heads with smoothed 113cc chambers and ports

• Modified intake and exhaust valves

• .650 lift Sidewinder springs

• 1.8:1 aluminum roller rocker arms

• Modified oil pump with reduced thickness feed gears and modified bypass circuit

• Annealed copper head gaskets

• Radiused crankshaft

• 11:1 compression ratio (shorter cylinders and decked heads)

• Modified throttle body back plates to compensate for cut heads


The X132 Hellcat Combat, however, will not be a one-off for long since Confederate plans to start building a limited number of these machines from next spring but the company CEO and founder CEO, Matt Chambers says they will be the last of their kind. “There will be no more big block Confederates after the Combat examples are produced next spring. These examples, represented by the experimental Combat prototype, are going to be the end of an era for massive displacement American V-twins packaged as fully structural components within a billet case and handmade chassis. No expense will be spared in our effort to memorialize this passing as the definitive exclamation point.”

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